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Dr.-Musarat-RamzanWMC symbolizes dedication to advance medical knowledge and practice by ensuring high quality training programs for the future doctors.

The curriculum is specifically designed to provide concrete foundation in theory and practical application of the acquired knowledge.

The academic programs are dovetailed in a manner that focuses on enhancing the abilities of medical students to develop skills in identification, effective treatment and rectification of the health problems. The programs not only expect the graduates to display excellence in their particular medical discipline but also in the field of quantitative and qualitative research. It also aims at reorienting the theoretical knowledge of the students to practical application in the community to develop their skills for problem solving, interviewing and report writing.

WMC also provides an opportunity for effective career counseling through administering a system of close supervision and monitoring of the students by the mentors. Our faculty members are always happy to help their students with impartial advice and guidance whenever required. The distinguished and highly qualified faculty exhibit their dedication, commitment, vigilance and efficiency in training the medical students to take up their role as doctors who realize their social, ethical and professional responsibilities to the country.

Our objective is to provide quality education and training that can bring value to people’s lives. We enjoy reputation of being a highly supportive and friendly college, a place where our students and staff feel valued and respected. No doubt medical curriculum is challenging and engaging but here students learn to take challenges with the support of their teachers who want to develop them as articulate and confident young people.

Above all we want our students to be happy, successful and achieve high standards in an environment where they are known as individuals.

Prof. Dr. Musarat Ramzan.


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