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WMC embarked on teaching of medical undergraduates in the year 2004 with a mission to be graded among the top medical colleges at the outset in Pakistan and within the South Asian region in due course. After a short while it turns out to be an epitome of brilliance and eminence in Medical Education.

The students of WMC accomplished top most result in the University of Health Sciences Final Professional Annual examination, 2010. WMC aspires to improve its physical infrastructure by modernizing and refurbishing on hand facilities, induct vastly experienced additional faculty as well as motivate the existing faculty members who have distinguished themselves in academia for further professional development.

WMC pursues a stringent policy of going for the best students from all over Pakistan as well as from the world over. Its aim oriented instruction program contributes to the academic and professional development of the medical graduates. It affords outstanding learning prospects for the students to attain leadership skills, discipline and information seeking capability to become conversant with them for solving current and emerging health problems of the country. The students opting for admission in WMC can look forward to professional competence and strong foundation for a career in medical sciences.

As a young institution, we have a long pathway to go; our outstanding team of faculty members determinedly believes that quality assurance is the only way we can exist in these ever enlarging competitive circumstances.

At the same time deep in our hearts we feel, it is indeed, our responsibility to inculcate in our students best understanding of advance medical technologies and of scientific wonders that can help the progress of our developing nation, year after year.

Let us all make efforts today to benefit from a flourishing future.

Lt. General

Omar Mahmood Hayat HI(M)

Chairman POF Board

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